Friday, May 28, 2010

The road and the goats-A picture story

Some days are days of disillusionment and days of disenchantment.

Days when nothing is visible because your view is blocked in the endless nuances of work life.

The feeling of being prisoner of my own device made me full of rage and anger.

Thats when i decided to wear my thinking cap once again.

hit the road.
I wished to travel the road and see the things around it.

But little did i know that between the road and the thing the world lies awaiting.

I saw wide expanse of greenery on the countryside. Thin trees atop a small promontory.

A small lake where i saw people fishing and bathing and the reflections of the coconut trees in the water like some phantom shadow trying to embrace the white wall.

I decided to rest amidst the trees where a gentle breeze lay blowing. It brought the sound and smell of distant dreams, long lost and forgotten. There i saw the north end of a south bound cow.

On the road i also saw some goats being ferried to the butcher house. By the look on their faces i felt that they knew what was coming their way.

I reckoned, if you knew you were going to die, is there a certain arrangement of things running in your mind for giving up .
The journey had made me hungry and i decided to return . On the way back i bought some fresh fish from the local fish market. They were good...

Photography: Ankur
Story: Amit