Friday, November 5, 2010

CWG Mess-age

Although the CWG have ended quite sometime back, still we hear its echoes. Like a counterfiet coin it keeps coming back. Still many people, native and foreign,in the political circle and sports circle are crying foul about it. Me and my distinguished friend Ankur( who is an expert in current affairs) once got the opportunity to jam up on this issue. Here are the list of things we came up with:

1. CWG stands for common wealth games. So if it has increased the common wealth of the organizing commitee members its nothing unusual. The fact is all the people from top to bottom involved in the organizing commitee had their fortunes turned.

2. Some high profile CWG officials were worried about the slow pace of the infrastructure development. We think they are unaware how things are done in India. We like to do everything in the last minute. Gives a kind of adernaline rush. Ask any Indian IT professional about the buffer phase in the project plan and he/she will tell you gladly that most of the work related to the project is dne during this phase.

4. Some officials and players from other countries cribbed about the poor living conditions in the games village. We think they have never travelled to an Indian village, let alone living there. They should not forget that they agreed to live in the games village, an Indian games village, and not in some swanky hotel. So if some furnitures wre broken or there was a slack in cleanliness or an accidental cobra loitering in the vicinity, thats nothing compared to the living condition in a village. Ask any Indian farmer and he would happily trade places with any of the atheletes in the games village. Those foreign atheletes and officals totally missed the village part of it.

5. Some people said CWG was a discmfort to general public due to the closure of certain routes and the diversions in traffic. Thats a complete lie. Every one in Delhi, from children to adults enjoyed the games. Children got their holidays and adults got a reprive from travel to office by working from home.

All in all the the CWG message was if you are in India, expect things to happen the Indian way. That way and no other way...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tools-A Picture Story

A broken toilet flush is the next most annoying thing after a nagging wife. And Makardhwaj’s toilet flush was dead broke.

He was using a tumbler and a mug as a substitute for meeting his flushing needs.

Being a self made man that he was, he decided to fix this anomaly all by himself. This decision locomoted him to a local hardware superstore. It had the shape and size of almost any super stores that are around these days except that this one housed all imaginable and unimaginable hardware items on display.

Sometimes supply can create its own demand –so said Says. And going by the amount of shopping people do in the superstores these days it can be said that this mantra is the cornerstone of their business. Makardhwaj was no exception to this rule and the huge congregation of materials on the racks awoke the dormant creator in him. He thought if a tool exists, there must be some use for it. He may not have the knowledge of its usability but the very existence of such a tool demanded that it have some use and Makardhwaj abhorred the idea of existence of anything in the material world without his cognition. Suddenly articles that never registered in his mind as being of any use in the past started appearing as inevitable.

Rabidly he shopcarted the following products:

A tape.

A swiss knife.

A carry bag.

A tumbler of grease.

A multi tool pack consisting of screw drivers and spanners of various shapes and sizes.

A hammer.
Makardhwaj came home contended and post lunch he decided to look at the spoils of his shopping. He laid them on a table and looked at them as a child would look at a Christmas gift after getting up in the morning.

The hammer in particular attracted his attention. It was small and handy and looked elegant yet efficient. It had a nice rubber grip with which he held it and gently began to tap the blunt end on the table and listened to the sound it produced. At the other end of the hammer there was a claw that could easily extract nails. It was strange that the very instrument that could pound a nail deep into a material could also extract it from there.
Makardhwaj thought that the same tool could be used for doing multiple things, not necessarily what the tool is commonly known to be used for . At that very moment the prospects of transforming himself into a hammerhead shark appeared to be feasible with this instrument at his disposal. Since the time Nat Geo had happened to him, he had always wanted to be one of these rare and powerful creatures of the deep sea.
Next day he had made it to the headlines of all the newspapaers.

Well...most of the times we never know what is at stake in the use of a tool unless the tool has been used.
Photography: Ankur
Story: Amit

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Poppy Love

Each Independence day for me brings back memories-not of political speeches from the Red Fort or frivolous Doordarshan (Indian state run TV) commentary or the Independence day offers in Big Bazar. It brings back memories of lazy afternoon lunches whose principal delicacy would be posto. The affinity of Bengali's for poppy seeds or posto, as it is christened in Bengali, is all too well known. Mostly this expensive ingredient is grounded along with sesame seeds or white mustard seeds and the paste, posto bata, is used in every imaginable kind of delicacy. Be it vegetarian dishes like Jhinge posto (Ridge Gourd in poppy seed paste) or non vegetarian dishes like Chingri posto (Prawns in poppy seed paste). Also it doesn't take an association algorithm to figure out the fact that it is cooked together with the most popular vegetable in the Bengali cuisine, the potato, as in Aloo posto (Poptato in poppy seed paste). Some of my friends are inquisitive about the reasons behind Bengali fondness for posto. Some might think it would take an entire research team funded by the Rockefeller foundation to find the answer to this but that wont be necessary. The answer lies in the Bengali addiction for lethargic lifestyle. Posto actually adds to that laidbackness that we are so fond of. Consume any dish of posto along with rice in the afternoon and a two hour nap is guaranteed. It takes you to such a high that not even a rock concert by the most metallic of any rock bands will be able to as much caress your ear drums. You will be completely cut off from the rest of the world for the next two hours. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. When we were toddlers we were told by our moms(overbearing) that we shouldn't venture into the world outside in the afternoon. Some kind of demons are in hunt for unfortunate souls during this time of the day. And so we were made to sleep. And what better way to make someone asleep than a stomach full of morphine emanating poppy seed paste. Till this day we honor this tradition by making it a point to doze off in our workplace for at least 10 minutes everyday after lunch break. Off course we make sure that the screensaver is properly timed.

On a certain independence day as we were returning from school, Ankur uttered this famous quote to a gathering of friends. A quote that meticulously imbibed the spirit of unity with his undaunting love for the poppy seeds. He said and i quote-' Ae mere humwatan dosto, mere ghar aana khilaunga posto ' (Oh my friends and countrymen, come to my home and i will serve you posto). What better way to celebrate an independence day.

Photograph: Ankur

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gem Stones: A picture story

Do we all follow a prewritten course in our life or we can alter our fate. These questions took me to an Enlightened One. The Enlightened One asked me to have stones if i wished to be lucky. My previous experience suggested that there could be merit in this perception. Some time back i had stones in my kidney and they were lucky for me as i got to drink more beer. However the Enlightened One clarified that he meant wearing a gem stone. According to this Enlightened One, a gem stone captures the sun rays and according to the type of stone they are, reflect back a certain kind of rays and absorb others.

After much calculations and deliberations we decided on a coral. It was huge and appeared looking straight at me as if asking me to wear it.
I wore the coral in my middle finger. I wanted to show it to everyone but thought they might find it offensive. The effects were immediately visiible as I felt like scratching the fabric and tearing it apart.

Seeing this, the Enlightened One said i needed a hessonite(gomedh) to control the coral's starnge effects. This metaphoric outburst translated into spending some more cash. But i didnt mind as i was determined to change my fate.

I got the hessonite and made sure it was huge. After all its no mean feat to control a coral. I wore it just next to the coral to keep it under constant vigil. Like a big brother it made sure the coral finger didnt end up in places it shouldnt be.

In order to mail my gem laden hand snaps to my friends i bought in a new web cam.

When i took the pic, the combined effect of the gem stones could be seen mainfested in it. The color of my skin around the hand looked paler when compared to the pic when i was only wearing the coral. The rays were surely getting absorbed. Maybe in few months i would become racially superior.

I was absorbed in these thoughts when a strong wind blew. It tilted the web cam and scattered the help manual of the new web cam.

As i ran to contain the scatter, the page of the manual that lay opened in front of me had some thing written about this camera being having a greater resolution and producing a better picture in the dark than any camera.
Photography: Ankur
Story: Amit

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Legend of the Condemned Cat

The events I am going to narrate have become some kind of a legend in my part of the world. And like all legends few things get added to it and few are obliterated from it forever.

Felix had two very close friends: Ankur and Rana. They studied in the same school and sat next to each other in the same classroom and shared their lunchboxes too. During Christmas time, the school would close for holidays and Ankur and Rana would visit Felix to savor some homemade ginger wine and plum cake. But their association with Felix was not limited to the Christmas delicacies. Felix had a pack of home bred animals: a pair of rabbits, a rooster and a hen and a very fat cat which coincidentally was also named Felix. He liked all his pets but was particularly close to Felix, the cat. Rana liked to chase the rooster all over the barn and Ankur could not help but caress the rabbits. If there was one thing in common that was between the trio, it was this: They would put the plum cake pieces in their pockets and carry the rabbits to a relatively unknown corner of the barn which was not in the immediate vicinity of Felix's Mom. They liked to watch them get playful.
Now in the Christmas of nineteen hundred and eighty nine an unfortunate event changed the course of things forever. Customarily Ankur and Rana came to Felix's house but instead of Felix, it was his mom who greeted them and presented the eagerly awaited ginger wine and plum cake. She called Felix and he came. He looked shaken and sleep deprived. There was a round of silence only broken intermittently by the sound of the cake getting crushed by Ankur’s molars. Seeing the deadlock his mom spoke.
Felix killed one of them hares.
The gulp of wine that Rana was just going to devour to his ever parched throat just came off his mouth.
Why Felix. Why did u do that? It just ain’t Christian to kill a rabbit  in Christmas.
It wasn’t me. It was Felix, the cat-said Felix.

Then Felix went on to describe how they had left the pets to attend the midnight prayer at the community church and when they returned he saw Felix busy tearing the hairy skin out of one of the rabbits in the barn. After cursing the cat and calling it names unthinkable, Felix was of the view that cat be served severest of the punishments. Ankur seconded his views. However Rana wanted a full fledged investigation. The trio agreed to give the cat a fair trial. Luckily Felix had not allowed his mom to clean any part of the crime scene. First they examined the dead body of the hare. There were tooth marks on its neck suggesting strangulation. Apart from that most of its abdomen was gone. A close look of the cats mouth revealed minor scratch marks, presumably that of the rabbit. But why was the body found in the barn when the rabbits never left the house by themselves. They looked every nook and corner of the house, in all probable places for clues. At last in the living room rug they found remnants of some soaked up liquid. Ankur immediately cordoned off the area and after sniffing and taking the rug part between his fingers asked Felix to give him the magnifying glass. He then pronounced that he found traces of rabbit pee, rabbit semen and rabbit blood in that coagulated matter. Drag marks were faintly visible at some distances between the living room and the barn.
The trio gave a complete Christian burial to the dead rabbit or whatever remained of him. Felix read few lines from the Good Book. Ankur read an eulogy to the rabbit . His voice was mournful and it felt he would break into tears anytime. Rana recited some excerpts from the Gita that he had picked up from a television show. It talked about karma and reincarnation. Then they decided to go for the hearing. The barn was to be the makeshift court room. Ankur would be the prosecutor attorney and Rana would be the defendant attorney. Felix the guy would preside as the judge. But before that, they had a hefty lunch prepared by Felix's mom as they apprehended that the proceedings might continue for longer than expected duration. The main course for lunch was the chicken from the barn. Nobody among the three spoke during the lunch. Whether it was because of the deliciously tasting chicken or the pondering on the points to be brought up during the trail, is hard to tell.

When the old wall clock chimed two, the hearing started. Prosecutor spoke first. He alleged that this was no ordinary crime. It was preplanned and the defendant’s violent nature was manifested through this crime. That he had killed the harmless rabbits that were in no position to retaliate made this case rarest of the rare. He demanded severe punishment for the defendant to set an example-the capital punishment. The Judge said if the defendant needs to be severely punished in the capital city to set an example, it would cost them some amount of money for the itinerary and also it would require approvals from their parents. The prosecutor went silent for few moments. After munching the leftover cake and taking a sip of water he explained that he wanted death penalty for the accused.
Hearing this demand, the defendant attorney raised an objection. He said the evidences against his client were circumstantial and none could prove conclusively that he committed the crime. When Felix, the guy saw Felix the cat that fateful night, eating the rabbit’s abdomen, by all accounts the rabbit could have been already dead. Felix, the cat, was a carnivorous feline creature and it’s his right to eat dead rabbits. There was no concrete evidence that the murder was committed by his client.
He presented the following arguments in favor of his client:
1. Isn’t it a possibility that the other rabbit, the mate, could have already killed the victim when Felix, the cat, found him.
2. The victim could have been already been killed by any of the nocturnal creatures that prey on rabbits when the defendant found him.
3. Isn’t it a possibility that Felix, the guy, could have sneaked out of the prayer, come back to the house, killed the rabbit and went back. He knew that the cat would act according to his nature and try to eat the dead rabbit and thus it would be easy to pin the charges on the accused.

The third argument enraged the Judge. He asked the defendant attorney to immediately take the argument off the records else the court would be adjourned. The attorney complied. But he said, the only witness to this crime was the rabbit mate and it was necessary to examine and cross examine this witness to reach a verdict. The Judge said although this was correct but no one among the trio possessed the ability to understand and speak the rabbit language. Although the prosecutor attorney, Ankur,  has been known to experiment with the language of the frogs, but it could be a while before he can master the rabbit language. The prosecutor said that this was all a delaying tactic by the defendant attorney and the Judge should not prolong the trial. Judge agreed.

After debilitating for fifteen minutes, the Judge pronounced the verdict. Considering all the arguments and evidences, it was clear that Felix, the cat, had committed this heinous crime. His crime was unpardonable and hence he is being awarded the death penalty. When the verdict was pronounced, Felix the cat was busy licking his paw. Now appeared the most difficult question- How how this death penalty would be executed. Hanging was out of question. So was death by a firing squad. Ankur said he could prepare a guillotine kind of ensemble, but would take at least three days. So that option was struck off too. Whatever had to be done had to be done in complete secrecy so that their parents didn’t get involved. Rana then came up with an ingenious plan. At quite some distance from their place, but not a place too far, ran a small stream-a tributary of some mountainous river. Few miles downstream was a secluded spot not frequented by picnickers, as was customary during this time of the year. That spot had a small bridge over the stream. It was called the red bridge. It had no connection to the Red Army and neither it was in a leftist constituency. No one knows why it was called so. Before Rana could finish his proposition Felix, the guy, was already excited.
So you are saying is that we take this infernal being to that bridge, smash his head with a rock and drown him from the bridge.
Well that could be done but I was thinking of something cleaner. If we could drop him in the stream and let the water do its job, it would be less painful.

Then Ankur spoke.
We can do that. We put him in an enclosed sack. Tie the sack to a rock, heavy enough to take the package to the bottom of the stream.

Everyone agreed to this plan. Felix told his mom they were cycling to the town and would be back after an hour or two. He grabbed the cat and put him in his school bag. The trio took off in their cycles. En route they stopped at Ankur’s house. Ankur got the sack according to the needed specifications and told his mom exactly the same words as spoken by Felix to his mom. Now after cycling for about forty minutes the stream was visible. Due to the terrain, it was not possible to continue cycling. They got down from their seats and dragged their bicycles further upstream when the small bridge became visible. Two banyan trees growing on its banks had almost shrouded it completely and it was visible only in parts. The place sure did have an
eerie feeling. Ankur was assigned the task of finding a rock of correct proportion. He searched a while and got it. Then Felix the guy took out Felix the cat from his school bag. The creature was completely still. He did no meowing nor showed his usual lazy reflexes or any resistance. Rana held the sack with its mouth opened. As Felix was putting the cat in the sack, their eyes met. All three could feel that Felix, the cat, was aware of what was coming his way. But he had resigned himself to that fate as he found himself not in a position to alter it.
That freeze in time was broken by Rana's voice.
Felix, if you want to reconsider...
No, let’s do what we have decided-replied Felix the guy with a determined voice.

The cat was inside the sack and Ankur fastened the string on its mouth. Then he carefully fastened the heavy rock and made sure that it won’t come off when inside water. Now everything was set but there was a problem. Who would be the executioner? Ankur and Rana said they couldn’t do it because of their religious obligations. As practicing Hindus, if they kill a cat, they need to make one gold replica of it. Considering their parents annual income, this was a remote possibility. Hence the job was entrusted to Felix. Ankur and Rana were to guard the two entry points to the bridge so that in the event of anyone coming that way they can alert Felix. The sun was almost setting now and a faint hint of redness was visible among the December clouds in the western sky. Felix positioned himself to a place in the bridge which according to Ankur should have the greatest depth. Then as instructed by Ankur , he first dropped the rock and after a time lag of thirty seconds he released the sack. Down went the rock and it took the sack along with it. There was no agitation of the water except ripples caused by the rock drop. Ankur and Rana joined Felix in the middle of that bridge. They watched the point of rock drop for a few minutes expecting the cat to come out of the water anytime. After all they had heard a cat is supposed to have nine lives. Nothing came out. It was getting dark and chilly.
Let’s leave guys-said Felix.
Nobody spoke as they silently dragged their cycles out of the dirt track. Sensing the heaviness Rana decided to break the silence.
Hey you guys come to my home tomorrow. My cousin got a VHS of a cartoon show that he says is a hit in US. It’s called Tom and Jerry. Let’s get together and watch it tomorrow afternoon.
Then they left.
Years have passed since that fateful day but no one till date knows for sure whether the cat died or survived. Like the water of that stream the details are murky. Although the trio had made a covenant among themselves of not speaking about this to anyone, but the fact that I am narrating  it must have made clear to you that the story got passed from one person to another. Each one told it according to own interpretation. One of the legend variations says that the cat got out of the stream and went to another town and lived happily for quite some . I would surely like to believe this variation. It gives a kind of happy feeling. But I know it is not true. For some weeks later the fire department did a cleanup operation of the stream in search of a missing person who had allegedly committed suicide at the very spot. Among other things that they came upon apart from the unfortunate dead body, was a sack containing a decaying feline creature.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The no fly list

When Ank came to my residence that evening, he was visibly distraught. It looked like he had been through a train wreck. I persuaded him to watch two back to back episodes of Big Bang Theory (season 5 episodes 11 and 12 to be precise), hoping he would cheer up. After watching the episodes and eating two large hamburgers with french fries in that duration he appeared to loosen up a bit. But it wasn't so. He asked for sprite to wash down the junk. After a large burp that sounded like a wounded lion, he told me that he was upset because when he went to the airport this morning to catch the 7:15 from Detroit to Chicago. Although commuting to the airport is number fifth in my list of harrowing experiences, but i figured that could not be the reason for Ank's train wreck look. Upon insisting, Ank transformed his looks to that of disenchantment and said that he was invited at the annual avionics conference in Chicago to present his paper. He not only had looked forward to meeting like minded physicists at the event but had elaborately planned to use his spare time in using his search algorithms to locate Jimmy Hoffa. However at the airport security in Detroit, he was detained by airport authorities as his name had popped up in the no fly list. He was frisked, stripped and asked questions most of which made no sense to him-like religion and ethnicity. It didn’t make any sense to me either. I told him; well what’s the big deal about having the name in no fly list. As deep as my neurons can take me, most of the people i knew, including me, should be on that list as we humans don’t possess the inborn ability to fly. The only people i knew could fly were superheroes. And not all superheroes for that matter. I mean only a guy like Superman could be said to fly in the real sense. Not Batman who uses a batmobile or Spiderman who uses his web for suspension in air. So the attribute of gravity defying flying could only be attributed to some of the superheroes and certainly not to any human being.
But my discourse seemed to agitate him more instead of having a soothing effect. He told me the reason for his aggravation was that he had spent all his hard earned money in developing a prototype for the model of a flying human. He had tested positive for a duration of 1 minute and 17 seconds. Basically he believed he could fly and when those officers broke the news about his being in the no fly list, all his money and effort seemed to go down the underground sewage system. By the time he was released by the airport staff and given an apology and the option of buying another air ticket at discounted fares as his plane had already departed, he was completely heartbroken and returned home. And I, like all those people in the authority, was being insensitive to his situation by talking about unnecessary things, when the fact that he could not fly technically due to his name being on no fly list was the one and only thing that mattered to him. Before i could say anything in my defense, he dashed out of my house.

By the way I forgot to mention that Ank's real name is Ank ur Rehman and he is of Bangladeshi origin. He studies physics at the university and we share a common liking of comic books. I think sometimes it’s difficult to reason out with friends.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Drug related violence: Ankur's version

I never expected the things to turn this way when i received that call from Amit late in the night, that night. I was already in deep slumber when the phone rang. He spoke about that horrible incident of the brawl at the local drug store. Personally i avoid getting into arguments with billing guys , be it in a supermarket or a drug store. I always carry a satchel full of change and tender exact change in order to avoid confrontation. However if there are circumstances that some balance creeps up, i don't force the billing guy to return it to me. If they do it willingly, i accept it. If they don't, i just let go. From the meaness in their eyes, you could bet that most of these billing guys are part of some money laundering/ extortion racket. It's always better to loose some money than to loose some body part.

I wanted to say all these things to Amit but could not avoid taking a jaw flexing yawn for about thirty seconds. And then as i began to speak, i heard a whirring sound on the receiver. I yelled hello few times but all i heard was static from the other end. Then i heard the hung up tone. And then it struck to me that maybe his phone was wired. A cold sweat dripped from the spinal cord to my pelvic brim. In a fit of frenzy i opened my drug box to check on the inventory. It had the reserves for a month but few important things were about to get exhausted: like my cough syrup and the gastric pills . I had no other way but to manage on these reserves to avoid getting into the local drug store. Its been about a month and a half that i have visited the drug store. In fact i avoid that driveway altogether and have taken work from home option for a month. And most important of all, i haven't called up Amit for a month or so. I don't know whats become of him but i hope he is okay. You never know, at what levels talatedhese drug related violence can get esc. You never know....

Drug related violence: Amit's version

It was late in the night when i called up Ankur. I was very worried and was unable to sleep. I had been reading reports about all these drug related violence in Mexico. I was apprehensive as a similar incident had occured in the evening to which i was a party. I had went to the local drug store to purcahse some disprin and had a brawl with the billing guy on the issue of tendering exact change. Things could have gone awry had not the owner of the drug store intervened. I asked Ankur, whether this incident amounted to drug related violence and what next i should do about it. For about thirty seconds he didnt speak anything and then i could only hear the hung up tone. I guess he didnt wanted to get involved..

It has been around a month after that fateful day . I avoid going to that supermarket and the drug store. I travelled along the interstate highway few times to buy my anti fungal medication from the nearby state. But researching on the incidents of drug related violence i learned that these guys were all were connected. So i have stopped doing that too. I havent heard from Ankur since. I tried calling him but each time it was picked up by his answering machine which said that he was currently driving and will call me back . Even on the day on which our state was hit by a deadly hurricane, his answering machine said the same lines. I guess he was involved in a lot of driving lately...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Abnormal activity

I saw the movie paranormal activity on graveyard show. Once i reached home i started feeling eerie. Iwent to the kitchen to check on the chicken. But it was not there. Deep down i was feeling that something knows about my existence, something that cant be explained and that thing was after my chicken. It is watching me and i cannot hide or flee from it. I took my camcorder and decided to look for any paranormal activity happening in the kitchen. What i found was this...

Friday, May 28, 2010

The road and the goats-A picture story

Some days are days of disillusionment and days of disenchantment.

Days when nothing is visible because your view is blocked in the endless nuances of work life.

The feeling of being prisoner of my own device made me full of rage and anger.

Thats when i decided to wear my thinking cap once again.

hit the road.
I wished to travel the road and see the things around it.

But little did i know that between the road and the thing the world lies awaiting.

I saw wide expanse of greenery on the countryside. Thin trees atop a small promontory.

A small lake where i saw people fishing and bathing and the reflections of the coconut trees in the water like some phantom shadow trying to embrace the white wall.

I decided to rest amidst the trees where a gentle breeze lay blowing. It brought the sound and smell of distant dreams, long lost and forgotten. There i saw the north end of a south bound cow.

On the road i also saw some goats being ferried to the butcher house. By the look on their faces i felt that they knew what was coming their way.

I reckoned, if you knew you were going to die, is there a certain arrangement of things running in your mind for giving up .
The journey had made me hungry and i decided to return . On the way back i bought some fresh fish from the local fish market. They were good...

Photography: Ankur
Story: Amit


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

John Denver

John Denver is a country music icon.I had never heard his name or listened to his music before Ankur introduced me to him. I liked the simplicity of his voice and lyrics and his knowledge of the physical world around him. Even today when i am travelling home to my native place, the only song that keeps flashing in my memory is John Denver's Country roads,take me home.

Now it so happened that in the spring of 2001 i found myself vacationing for a couple of days with Ankur in Bhilai . At that time he lived in an one room accomodation. One fine morning he woke up and declared that he needed to buy an audio casette of John Denver- as if he had a dream in which he was asked by an angel to do so. We ventured into the market place and after few searches we came to a muisc shop which claimed to have music from all over the world. The man incharge there looked like he knew music. With great expectation Ankur spoke-

Bhaiiya aap ke paas western music ka collection hai kya ?
Haan sir, tamam hai.Kya chahiye aapko ?
John Denver ka koi cassette hai kya??
John Denver.
Array Sir ab hum dinbhar to gaane nahi na sun sakte. Hamari bhi family hai.

Neither of us spoke.I didnt knew what to say or do at that momment. I looked at Ankur, he had a deadpan expression on his face. We came out of the shop and before we could say anything to each other we exploded into fits of laughter. We remained in that inebriated state for ten more minutes.And the rocky mountains felt less rockier.

As an ode to country music i am quoting from the work of another great guy who knew the country too well-

The world has no name. The names of the roads and the mountains and the deserts exist only on maps. We name them so that we do not lose our way. Yet it was because the way was lost to us already that we have made those names. The world cannot be lost. We are the ones. And it is because these names and these coordinates are our own naming that they cannot save us. That they cannot find for us the way again.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

moronic verses

Suppose u have a friend whose name is Satish and he works in a factory. what do u call his factory then?
well a moron like me would say:


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Names..any guesses

Whts there in a name..said some gr8 english guy who liked to dress real antique. If you can recognize these names , you r our own kind.

atnayaj radmuzam
merp rednus ytrobarkahc
nalim htanbed
jarus rian