Monday, June 28, 2010

Drug related violence: Amit's version

It was late in the night when i called up Ankur. I was very worried and was unable to sleep. I had been reading reports about all these drug related violence in Mexico. I was apprehensive as a similar incident had occured in the evening to which i was a party. I had went to the local drug store to purcahse some disprin and had a brawl with the billing guy on the issue of tendering exact change. Things could have gone awry had not the owner of the drug store intervened. I asked Ankur, whether this incident amounted to drug related violence and what next i should do about it. For about thirty seconds he didnt speak anything and then i could only hear the hung up tone. I guess he didnt wanted to get involved..

It has been around a month after that fateful day . I avoid going to that supermarket and the drug store. I travelled along the interstate highway few times to buy my anti fungal medication from the nearby state. But researching on the incidents of drug related violence i learned that these guys were all were connected. So i have stopped doing that too. I havent heard from Ankur since. I tried calling him but each time it was picked up by his answering machine which said that he was currently driving and will call me back . Even on the day on which our state was hit by a deadly hurricane, his answering machine said the same lines. I guess he was involved in a lot of driving lately...