Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gem Stones: A picture story

Do we all follow a prewritten course in our life or we can alter our fate. These questions took me to an Enlightened One. The Enlightened One asked me to have stones if i wished to be lucky. My previous experience suggested that there could be merit in this perception. Some time back i had stones in my kidney and they were lucky for me as i got to drink more beer. However the Enlightened One clarified that he meant wearing a gem stone. According to this Enlightened One, a gem stone captures the sun rays and according to the type of stone they are, reflect back a certain kind of rays and absorb others.

After much calculations and deliberations we decided on a coral. It was huge and appeared looking straight at me as if asking me to wear it.
I wore the coral in my middle finger. I wanted to show it to everyone but thought they might find it offensive. The effects were immediately visiible as I felt like scratching the fabric and tearing it apart.

Seeing this, the Enlightened One said i needed a hessonite(gomedh) to control the coral's starnge effects. This metaphoric outburst translated into spending some more cash. But i didnt mind as i was determined to change my fate.

I got the hessonite and made sure it was huge. After all its no mean feat to control a coral. I wore it just next to the coral to keep it under constant vigil. Like a big brother it made sure the coral finger didnt end up in places it shouldnt be.

In order to mail my gem laden hand snaps to my friends i bought in a new web cam.

When i took the pic, the combined effect of the gem stones could be seen mainfested in it. The color of my skin around the hand looked paler when compared to the pic when i was only wearing the coral. The rays were surely getting absorbed. Maybe in few months i would become racially superior.

I was absorbed in these thoughts when a strong wind blew. It tilted the web cam and scattered the help manual of the new web cam.

As i ran to contain the scatter, the page of the manual that lay opened in front of me had some thing written about this camera being having a greater resolution and producing a better picture in the dark than any camera.
Photography: Ankur
Story: Amit