Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dont shoot strangers on a picnic

K Ray always had a passion to see the unknown and if possible to capture it in his camcorder. Sometimes that amounted to transgressing private space. On a cold December day he went to a picnic on a lake with a group of people. He had taken his cannon camcorder to do some sight shooting. But instead in no time he was shooting people that were not from his party. This was the result:

Even after that eventful experience K Ray's passion for the unknown was undeterred and analysing the whole situation, he reckoned that the only thing that could have caused that incident was the lake. Stagnant waters are resemblance of a stagnant culture. Maybe the strangers hitting him would have acted differently if it was another location-a vibrant location-resembling an open and vibrant culture. Armed with this eye opener and off course his camcorder he headed to a nearby waterfall. And this was the event that unfolded:

He felt at least his reflexes have certainly improved.