Thursday, January 30, 2014

From womb to tomb - The story of an Indian girl

This is a story of a girl who starts her life from the mother’s womb. From there itself her journey begins. She takes birth in this beautiful world where for her own sight it is clean, sober and amazing. But the girl never knows that her life will always be under control by her father, grandfather, elder brother and so on. When she started growing up she faces many challenges in her life since school days to college and higher studies. Whenever and wherever she gets any hurdle to face such challenges her family stands besides her like pillars. A girl is always her parents’ angel and every parent grooms their children with their best efforts.  
Every girl has a different point of view to live their life and settle themselves in its own way. But in an Indian society if a girl thinks beyond her family’s expectations she is always forced to pull down all her aspirations. Every coin has two sides. Here the question raises that if a boy has rights to think about his career and desires independently then why a girl should always accept what her parents say. This is the agony of an Indian girl which carries on from her mother’s womb to the tomb.
The journey continues when the girl gets married. The same process repeats after marriage as well- only the characters change. Now she has to understand the new environment and love everyone in the new family and sometimes it is expected to love and care more than her own family. Perhaps she tries to tune herself in to the new environment and waits for her destiny to shine.
She always wants to fly in her own way but her wings  don’t support her to fly to her destination as from childhood there have been so many obstacles in her way that it won’t let her fly independently. Hence she is always waiting for a moment to smile with no worries, no terror, and no sorrows. All that she wants is total freedom from everything that entangles her since childhood.

This article is written by a guest blogger Ms. Smita Chakraborty. She is a teacher by profession and likes to write blogs.