Friday, November 5, 2010

CWG Mess-age

Although the CWG have ended quite sometime back, still we hear its echoes. Like a counterfiet coin it keeps coming back. Still many people, native and foreign,in the political circle and sports circle are crying foul about it. Me and my distinguished friend Ankur( who is an expert in current affairs) once got the opportunity to jam up on this issue. Here are the list of things we came up with:

1. CWG stands for common wealth games. So if it has increased the common wealth of the organizing commitee members its nothing unusual. The fact is all the people from top to bottom involved in the organizing commitee had their fortunes turned.

2. Some high profile CWG officials were worried about the slow pace of the infrastructure development. We think they are unaware how things are done in India. We like to do everything in the last minute. Gives a kind of adernaline rush. Ask any Indian IT professional about the buffer phase in the project plan and he/she will tell you gladly that most of the work related to the project is dne during this phase.

4. Some officials and players from other countries cribbed about the poor living conditions in the games village. We think they have never travelled to an Indian village, let alone living there. They should not forget that they agreed to live in the games village, an Indian games village, and not in some swanky hotel. So if some furnitures wre broken or there was a slack in cleanliness or an accidental cobra loitering in the vicinity, thats nothing compared to the living condition in a village. Ask any Indian farmer and he would happily trade places with any of the atheletes in the games village. Those foreign atheletes and officals totally missed the village part of it.

5. Some people said CWG was a discmfort to general public due to the closure of certain routes and the diversions in traffic. Thats a complete lie. Every one in Delhi, from children to adults enjoyed the games. Children got their holidays and adults got a reprive from travel to office by working from home.

All in all the the CWG message was if you are in India, expect things to happen the Indian way. That way and no other way...