Sunday, February 27, 2011

Deikha Lomu Toray a.k.a Revenge is mine

Modna as he liked to be called himself, was absorbed in the latest video gone viral in the internet. The explicitness of the acts performed in the video made Modna less and less aware of the environment around him. He felt he was very much part of the video-as if he was in it. He was so engrossed that his senses had numbed. All of a sudden a pinching sensation in his ankle brought him back to the world he was living in. A mosquito bite. Although he had been bitten by mosquitoes in the past but this time he felt a surge of anger. As if an ancient hermit had been disturbed in his penance. He wanted apt retribution. Kill ..Kill ...Kill that was all that was coming in his mind.

The seething built up of anger was overwhelming. Modna was an open admirer of Donald Rumsfeld and believed in Rumsfeldian doctrine of proactive homeland security and wanted a hot pursuit for the perpetrator of such a dastardly act. He did a visual reconnaissance of his room to find trail of the blood sucking creature. The trail led him to the north west periphery of the room. A dark coagulation was visible there. A closer look confirmed it to be a herd of mosquitoes. Although Modna had taken every protection against these creatures. But it appeared there was a big security lapse. A window was left half open and it was enough to invite these malarial beings. Modna closed the window. He came back to the north west corner of the room. It was apparent that one among them was responsible for committing the crime. He wanted to bring the perpetrator to justice but had no idea how to single out the one who had committed the act from the rest of the herd. He took out his cell phone and punched the number of his good friend Prhaem . The call was picked up in exactly three rings . Modna narrated the incidence to him. Prhaem said that it was inevitable that justice be met to the creature who had done the act. His religion and years of being a member of the anti death penalty lobby forbid him from coming to such a conclusion but he believed that the case was rarest of the rare and had to be seen in that light. However the toughest question for both of them was the identification of the perpetrator. Was there a scientific method available that would conclusively single out the perpetrator from the innocent. A blood test perhaps that could tell whether there were traces of Modna's blood in those blood suckers.
Unable to decide they decided to bring another of their friend into the conference. He was Chuck. Hearing the gravity of the situation he abandoned the 'tadka'(an ancient method of adding additives to pulses) he was about to perform. He articulated the following points post discussion:

Obstruction in the flow of information was a serious offence in itself and the mosquito had committed it when it bit Modna as he was helplessly surfing the internet.
Taking blood from a person involuntary was an unpardonable crime and the mosquito had committed it.
The culprit lies hidden among a group and there was no precise way of identifying who committed the crime and even if they could google the process, the time and cost factors would be roadblocks in application of such a process.

Chuck said that the only way justice could be met was by liquidating the entire group. This would also set an example for the creatures who could be potential perpetrators in future. This also went well with Rumsfeld's policy of proactive homeland security. Phraem still felt that punishing an entire race for the act committed by one was genocide but he had to take his wife to the mall and hence didn't wanted to discuss further.

Modna brought the flit gun from downstairs. He made sure he was wearing the correct gear before he proceeded to do the cleansing. He tiptoed to that corner and in one large push sprayed the entire area with pesticide. There was nascent hushing sound and as the droplets spread, the mosquitoes fell to the ground, dead, like the dead leaves in autumn. As Modna stood beside the area where the mosquitoes had fallen, he felt content in his heart for he was able to avenge the wrong done to him but at the same time he felt remorse for the slayed creatures .

He suddenly remembered that it was quite some time now since he had kept the chicken marinated in his kitchen. He aimed to prepare yogurt chicken today.

Photography: Ankur